The Effectiveness of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

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If a fiber optic cable is covered with connectors at two ends it is called as a fiber patch cord. It is also called as fiber optic jumper, technically professionals says that there are two big parts of this are fiber optic cables and optical connectors.



Latest DWDM or dense wavelength division multiplexing groups need high functional connectivity to send data more than hundred kilometer. High functional connectivity refers high input optical power.If the fiber patch cord connectors are manufactured of interior quality, the fiber cable will get spoiled or burned. Low quality connectors raise network downtime. Hence it is important for telecom firms to improve the specifications of connectors or avail patch cord to optimize function at the time of long distance data sending.


Different Types

On the market there are single mode and multimode fiber patch cables. Single mode cords are usually availed for telecommunication groups. They are availed for setting up availability points for higher accuracy networks. Multimode cords are availed for connecting high accuracy networks such as Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet and fast Ethernet. Most of these patch cables has one strand of fiber, that shows that information would transmitted only in one side. At the time of installation procedure, people want to make sure that they are availing two single strand of fiber cables for every interconnection.

Patch cords can be categorized according to the connector types. There are lot of various kinds of fiber connectors but lot of them share same characteristics. Most of the connectors are spring filled. The spring design push the ends of the fiber to each other hence to remove the airspace, that would leads in greater dB losses.




The panels of fiber optic patch cable are placed in nineteen inch relay racks. The panels can also be kept in cabinets, on freestanding rails and on walls. For installation process, first you want to plan the place of the fiber connectivity with lot of attention. You can pick between patch panel and direct cross connection. It is important to organize your direction and dressing of the patch cords if you select to avail fiber panels. You also get an option to avail the cable management brackets to prevent the dangling cables. They are availed for lightwave equipment connections and horizontal cabling. You must plan the cabling layout to prepare the panels comfortably for right cable lengths. These two kinds of panels must be very close to each other.


In bigger fitting process, the patch place may contain lot of patch panels. They are normally kept side by side, hence the cables can cross link straight without climbing the rails in a path on the top of the racks. The TR rooms must be planned carefully like that the whole cross connect and cable lengths are at the specifications of TIA-568-C. Horizontal fiber connections let a length of about ten meters like fiber jumpers, cross connect, patch panels. If you cross this specified limit, the lightwave tool may or may not be effective and functional. Therefore it is highly essential that you consider the standard very seriously. The poor or wrong quality will damage the process.