Mark Harrison

3rd Party Integration Snapshots & Replication

Blog Post created by Mark Harrison on Oct 17, 2014

I've attended a couple of Nimble user Groups and various wish lists were requested. Some of the things I thought were perhaps moving too far away from the "KISS" (keep it Simple Stupid) but there were a number of enhancements requested and I believe some of these are in the pipeline. Obviously the 255 volume limit is going to need to be increased for those people wanting to take advantage of the VVols that will be available with VMware 6 in conjunction with array vendors VASA support. Waffle over!

I'd like to see a setting for replication that give a choice of number of snapshots to retain (on the downstream array) or Number of days to keep the snapshots. The latter is in line with several 3rd party backup vendors Data Ageing regimes. The problem with number of snapshots to retain is that say you want to keep 7 daily snaps on the downstream array giving you 7 days retention to meet your policy. But you alter the schedule to get another couple in because of upgrades or patching. In effect this will leave you with 5 days on the downstream array.

So let's have the option of Number of Days to fit in with 3rd party snap and replicate solutions. Obviously I'm referring to Commvaults integration solution and allowing Days to retain will make management easier.