VMworld 2013: Vote for your Favorite Sessions

Blog Post created by chheda Employee on Apr 29, 2013

The VMworld 2013 conferences in San Francisco and Barcelona are fast approaching. We are pretty excited here at Nimble Storage about the connecting with our customers at the conference and demonstrations our great products and solutions including our SmartStack for VDI and recently launched InfoSight. The technical teams have been working on some great demos (most on that later). What we are particularly excited about are the number of customer sessions, including our own that have been submitted -- it's always great for IT to hear from IT at these conferences.


Here are the sessions that our customers, partners and the Nimble Storage have submitted for VMworld. Have a say on who is presenting at these conferences -- register at and vote for your favorite sessions (hopefully including the list below).


Session IDSession TitleSpeaker(s)
5087Designing in Flash in the data center (or How I learned to Love Flash)Devin Hamilton (Nimble Storage)
5268Technical deep dive: esx top tips and tricks to keep you on top of your vSphere environmentMostafa Khalil (Vmware), Wen Yu
5431Customer Panel: Customers and Service Provider's perspectives on DR strategy, tips and tricks for private and hybrid cloud environmentsBryan Bond (Siemens eMeter), Phill Lawson-Shanks (Virtacore), Jerry Yang (Foster Pepper), Ken Werneburg (VMware), Jeff Winter (City of Hot Springs/Garland County)
5467Customer Panel: Best Practices for Scaling Infrastructure for Cloud environmentsPhill Lawson-Shanks (Virtacore), Jerry Yang (Foster Pepper), Jay Hadley (Rancho Cordova), Sachin Chheda (Nimble Storage -- Moderator)
5592Leveraging the power of the cloud to ensure a reliable enterprise-wide business continuity strategyDave Pritt, Saunderson House
5610Virtualized Inception: Mobility Dream within a VDI Dream; Realized!Robert Dixon (CU-Boulder), Alfred 'Al' Roberts (CU-Boulder)
5648Customer Panel: Challenges of VDI deployments: Why Desktop Virtualization projects failRobert Dixon (CU-Boulder), Daniel Kwong (Sac City College), Muthu Somasundaram (Vmware), Mike McLaughlin (Nimble Storage -- Moderator)
5649How to accelerate performance for virtualized workloads with flash memory without breaking the bankDave Pritt, Saunderson House
5657Do You Really Need A dedicated VDI Storage Specialist?Daniel Kwong (Sac City College), Mike McLaughlin (Nimble Storage)
5677Establishing benchmarking standards for VDI workload testingMike McLaughlin (Nimble Storage)
5702Best Practices for Making the Journey to the Cloud: A Service Providers PerspectivePhill Lawson-Shanks (Virtacore)
5704Customer Panel: Getting the most out of Virtualization in State, Local Government and EducationDaniel Kwong (Sac City College), Jeff Winter (City of Hot Springs/Garland County), Jay Hadley (City of Rancho Cordova), Robert Dixon (CU-Boulder), Sean Roth (Nimble Storage -- moderator)
5780Maximum Storage Density and PerformanceNicholas Schoonover (Nimble Storage), Jay Hadley (City of Rancho Cordova)

Keep the conversation going by submitting a list of your sessions using the comments below or by tweeting about it using the tags nimblestorage and hybridstorage.